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At Touch of Serenity we like to reward our regular customers, this is why we have introduced the VIP Beauty Club. The VIP Beauty Club Membership is a monthly membership that has been designed to save money on monthly treatments such as: skincare, hair care, body care, facial treatments, makeup, eyebrows, long natural lashes and more!

So what’s in the deal? – Well, it’s the real deal! And it’s a best valued and unique scheme in the country today and not to be missed out on!

The three affordable ‘VIP Memberships’ are; CHIC, POSH, and RED CARPET are all made-up of über-hip cult beauty VIP treatments including the must-have manicure, Red Carpet pedicure, revolutionary facials and the latest facials treatments, just to name a few!

Got an eye-lash dilemma? No problem! We have the answer! Stressed out in the city? Don’t be! Becoming a VIP member will ease away your stresses and strains, you won’t even remember the pain!

………And that’s not all!!

Becoming a member allows you to take up the advantage of receiving discounts on all your must-have grooming products! Who doesn’t want free beauty treatments?

Well become an access to beauty VIP today and that’s what you will receive!!

The VIP Beauty Club culture is irresistibly infectious! – So! What are you waiting for?! Join the fellowship of the VIP beauty ring! What package will you choose?



on most services


on all accessories purchased



on most services


on all accessories purchased



on amost services


on all accessories purchased


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It’s a membership scheme which allows you to receive big discounts on a variety of treatments such as: skincare, hair care, body care, facial treatments, makeup, eyebrows, long natural lashes and more!

Select your membership package from the below chart, complete an application form and click send. You will receive membership card once payment is done at our salon or delivered to your doorstep.

If you find yourself visiting the beauty salon even just once a month for a polish or perhaps a set of nails then the beauty club could already be saving you money!

Yes, as well as saving on the allocated treatments you will also receive up to 20% off on accessories and gift vouchers.

Our three VIP memberships are designed for all budgets, each membership offers big discounts at different membership price.

  • Profile marked as a member for automatic recognition and benefits
  • 20-50% off all treatments listed in the membership price list and 10-20% off on all accessories purchased
  • Members-only gifts
  • Complimentary treatment (30 mins) as a welcome gift when joining